Benefits of Stem Cells

Charting Stem CellsVirility Centers of America, Inc. is committed to providing a quantitative basis for natural medicine interventions. The EPC test is one of our services that allows for practitioners to evaluate efficacy of interventions before pathological changes in the body occur. For example, imagine 2 patients:

  • Patient A does not know their stem cell (EPC) numbers in circulating
  • Patient B monthly assesses their stem cell numbers. 

As time goes on, both patients are living an unhealthy lifestyle. When the stem cell numbers of patient A reach a low level (2 months), he does not realize this and continues his lifestyle. Patient B, realizes his stem cell numbers are low and starts on a health program. Patient A does not know his stem cells are decreasing and continues his lifestyle.  By 4 months disease occurs in Patient A because the body’s healing ability is decreased.  In contrast, Patient B proactively prevented disease by knowing his stem cell health.

But what kind of interventions can alter the EPC? It appears that in general lifestyle and dietary modifications associated with health increase EPC. For example, it has been published in the peer reviewed literature that green tea , stopping smoking , losing weight , hyperbaric oxygen , and testosterone administration , all increase circulating EPC. The importance of the testing is that it provides a quantitative measurement on an individualized basis for the regenerative activity of the patient.


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